Reviews & Check-Ins

Here are some review websites where you can give me a nice review if you’d like!

Google Reviews

You can find me on Google by clicking the link here. If you have a Google (Gmail) account, this is a great place to leave a review. On the left side of the page, scroll down and click on the little “Write A Review” pencil-icon on the page (in the header, to the lower left). If you are logged into Google, a little review box should pop up. If you are not logged in, Google will redirect you to login, then redirect you back to write your review.

Yelp: Review & Check-In

You can find me by searching for “Tamra Bedford RN” on Yelp or you can use this link: If you are a frequent Yelper, putting your review on Yelp is most helpful. If you only review me (and nothing else on Yelp), your review will probably disappear from Yelp in a few days. However, you can also “Check In” to my business, which gives your review greater authority (the site “knows” you’ve been in to my business).

Facebook: Review & Check-In

You can also review me on Facebook quite easily: Click the little “stars” and a review box should come up. You can also check in on your mobile phone when you’re logged into Facebook using the big “Check In” button on the top right. Leave a nice comment there too if you have a chance. It’s all helpful!

Angie’s List: Review

This is a reputable review website though it does charge a fee for usage by consumers. However if you already are a member, this would be a great place to leave me a review. Just click here: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Kind regards, Tamra Bedford RN