Restylane for fuller, shapelier lips.

Restylane Injectable Gel is a safe and natural FDA cosmetic dermal filler that restores volume to the skin to enhance lip fullness and definition. As a cosmetic RN with an artistic beauty touch, I work with Restylane to create lips that are just right for you.

Restylane is the first cosmetic dermal filler 
made of non-animal based hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that already exists in the human body to provide volume and fullness to the skin.

Lip fillers last between six to eight months. Cost to create your fuller lips varies based on the amount of Restylane you need to achieve the result you’re looking for.

Restylane works immediately
 by adding volume to your lips for a younger and more voluptuous looking you!

Restylane for fuller, shapelier lips.​
Actual Patient

Lip Enhancement Before and After – Restylane

Before and After – Restylane​
Before and After – Restylane​

My Promise to My Patients

I, Tamra Bedford, personally start and finish every lip filler treatment with you, as opposed to your seeing a new or different nurse for each treatment at other practices. I have over 20 years experience and I am committed to successfully delivering quality results to each and every patient.
Treatment For Fuller Looking Lips 1
Tamra Bedford
Cosmetic RN
Lip filler patient
Actual Lip Filler Patient of Tamra Bedford