LASER HAIR REMOVAL in San Ramon & Danville

Effortless Hair Removal.

You want less hair in the fastest way possible! Laser hair removal is the answer.

My advanced and safe Cutera CoolGlide Laser works wonders for hair removal on all skin types, even tanned skin.

The CoolGlide delivers a quick, painless treatment (other lasers can be long and painful) that 
completely destroys the hair follicle as opposed to other lasers that only damage the hair follicle, which can result in re-growth in 4-5 years.

The CoolGlide hand piece cools and soothes as it glides along your skin.
No local anesthesia or pain medication is typically needed.

Most areas require 5-7 treatments for optimal results. Certain challenging cases may require 10-12 treatments or more. Your own body chemistry will ultimately dictate the number of treatments that you need. My goal is always to give you a great result!

Get rid of your unwanted hair today!

laser hair removal in San Ramon and Danville, CA

Effortless Hair Removal

Most areas require 5-7 treatments for optimal results. The CoolGlide treats areas in half the time as compared to most laser hair removal treatments.

Post-Treatment Care

Many of my new patients were not aware of what to expect post-laser hair removal. Here is what you can expect after your laser hair removal treatment with me.

Post-Treatment Care​

Testimonials from Laser Hair Removal Patients