Dermaplaning Exfoliation

Great for Blondes!

Wow, what a lovely gal!

Are you frustrated with Blonde, white or gray facial hair?  Lasers work great with dark hair but what about us girls with blonde or light hair?  I have the perfect treatment that removes blonde/light hairs (“peach fuzz” too) comfortably with no downtime!

Dermaplaning manually exfoliates the outermost skin cells ~ additionally removing facial hair resulting in smother, softer skin with a “glow” appearance immediately! Following your Dermaplaning treatment, skin care products penetrate deeper giving patients heather skin with no down-time.  Hair will not grow back thicker or darker, it will grow at same rate & texture as before treatment.

Dermaplaning can be preformed every 4-6 weeks.  If your ready to get rid of facial hair and experience radiant, glowing skin immediately, this treatment is for you.

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